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Distribution Management
The batch and lot tracking play a very important role in the pharma industry. Think of a time when the entire batch of a medicine is required to be replaced amid a regulatory crisis. Alfie Pharma ERP module provides a dedicated module to monitor batches at every stage. Be it requisition stage, in-progress quality check (IPQC), or sales at retail store, manufacturers never lose the sight of what they produce. Such a feature could be life savior at times.
Sales and marketing management
Alfie ERP system can help with sales order processing and contract management instantly by using pre-defined templates. It can also store and manage customer records and history; create competitive price quote basis past data, map this information with respect to a sales order, and create automated marketing workflows. This means that driving promotional campaigns can be done from a single window.
Recipe Management
This is perhaps the most important aspect where Alfie Pharma ERP system helps pharmaceutical manufacturers. Extreme competition in the industry means that the players often engage in a price war. The formulation of ingredients is very critical to control the price and effectiveness of the drug. Alfie ERP system can store critical drug recipes with necessary level of safety and security. The application of Alfie Pharma ERP system for pharma industry is not limited to the above. With the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the system can learn on the go and become more useful for an organization. However, every pharma manufacture, while implementing the Alfie Pharma ERP should evaluate the suitability, flexibility and level of customization possible to accommodate the future changes in the external environment.